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Gold Crest Refinery Limited, incorporated in 2019 under the laws of the Republic of Ghana, with the belief and mission of sustainable development and making a credible difference in the society and the country’s economy and after assessing the current lack of transparency in the Gold industry. Despite Ghana being the largest gold producer in West Africa, there is no LBMA Certified refinery in Ghana, there is a dire need in the industry to set up Ghana’s first LBMA accredited Gold refinery. With the mission to establish the state of art, LBMA certified Gold Refinery, Gold Crest Refinery Limited was incorporated in 2019 as a part of a broader vision of our existing Gold Mining and Gold Import companies based in UAE, Accra (Ghana), India & the United Kingdom. In line with our mission to provide process excellence, Gold Crest refinery partnered with IPMC LTD (West Africa’s leading IT company for over three decades ) to have the best in class IT infrastructure, as a value addition to the Gold Trading business . Inculcation of IPMC as a board member of GCRL brings in the technical expertise on both the platforms i.e Gold Business as well as Technology, and hence further strengthening the end-to-end supply chain of the business.


Accountability- A core part of our culture and a core value of our team’s about ownership and initiative. We practice open proactive communication with our teams and thus keep them informed of our commitments as this has a direct impact on their ability to achieve their own commitments. As a result, our team members consistently demonstrate ownership and accountability. our High performing team is the backbone of the company.

Transparency is an integral part of our corporate culture and thus our employees are more engaged and committed to the vision of the company. As a company with high ethical standards, we practice absolute transparency with our clients.



Credibility Is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust. Building and growing credibility is not hard work for us simply because we focus on consistency and doing ‘The right’ at all times. This really is the biggest key in making the power of credibility work for us we only make promises and guarantees we can keep AND THEN KEEP THEM! OUR CREDIBILITY SHINES!

We do clear and logistical business planning. Solid logistical planning is imperative in ensuring business commences off smoothly without any risks. We have a legal and compliance team savvy in local protocol and International regulations.


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