United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The UK branch was established in early 2020 and is located in the centre of Birmingham in “the
Jewellery Quarter”. It is strategically placed in the middle of Europe’s largest concentration of
businesses involved in the jewellery trade, which produces 40% of all the jewellery made, just in the
The UK. The UK branch is established to supply gold to the United Kingdom and to the rest of Europe
setting new standards in the gold export industry.

At goldcrest refinery, we are not only able to supply large quantities of gold to the UK and the
European market but we are also able to give our buyers the choice either to purchase on delivery or
pre-finance, which would enable a purchase price below the LBMA rates. Our largest circle of
customers are jewellers and bullion dealers in “The Jewellery Quarter” in Birmingham and from
London at present. This is expected to grow to the rest of Europe in the next three years with the
strategic business plans that are in place by our ground team in the UK.

The establishment, will not only supply the precious metal to the UK and Europe but it also offers
investment opportunities to customers who wish to partner with us in our rapidly expanding
the organisation in the gold industry. This avenue has proven to be a more attractive venture with us at
this current economic times that has impacted many business and financial trades all around the

Our team on the ground in the UK is made of very knowledgeable, reputable and well-connected
professionals who are dedicated to building the trust and confidence in our customers in the UK and
Europe with a remarkable “can deliver” attitude. Should you wish to explore the prospects of
purchasing or investing in the gold trade then you need not look elsewhere. Our team will be more
than happy to answer all your questions relating to your needs and expectations and help you step
in and become a part of us in our success story.

The UK branch is not only situated in the centre of England and in the centre of the European hub of
the Jewellery industry, but it is also placed at a very beautiful English heritage site with a long history
in gold and jewellery trade.

The location is one of the most visited tourist sites in Birmingham with
the famous jewellery museum and the world’s largest assay office amongst many other places o
visit. The Jewellery Quarter is full of beauty and life with traditional bars and pubs and plush and
exclusive restaurants to immerse yourself when you come to see us in the UK.
Visit us at our newly refurbished landmark building “The Big Peg” in the jewellery quarter or simply
give us a call.

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